As a designer I believe that jewellery should express the wearer’s feelings and emotions. For everyone of us jewellery will entail different meanings and values: from power and wealth to “memento mori”, “keepsake” or “look at me”. At the same time, jewellery should be a luxurious embellishment - it should enhance and accentuate the wearer’s most appealing features in an harmonious and understated manner.

For the maker each new piece will represent a desire to experiment and move forward as well as incorporate different goals, thoughts and feelings. For that reason I always believed that each piece should be unique.

I have always been attracted to certain techniques as a maker in particular cuttlefish casting, since it offers a lot of opportunities to experiment even though it has been used for centuries. Each mould for an object is carved individually. Every time the outcome of this process will be different, thus making each object unique, even when similar shapes of a mould have been carved. I am fascinated by this type of casting as it creates a very fragile balance between control and randomness, which can be easily affected by elements outside of one’s control.


I always keep my mind open for new inspirations, but through the whole

body of my work I am consistently interested in finding relationships

between shapes or between shapes and colours that I like to experiment with.